The best way to perform your own kenmore washers and washing machine repairs is to help yourself and do the machine maintenance so it reduces the chances of an expensive break down.

This starts with keeping your washing machine nice and clean. I dont know how many times I have attended a washer breakdown only to find the washer in a terrible condition.

What and what do you clean? This starts with regularly checking and cleaning the inlet water filters as these can clog up with debris from the water pipes. Also in a hard water area lime scale can accumulate. Also keep the washing powder and conditioner clean as they do clog up.

Always carefully check those inlet water hoses, and the outlet drain hose. Check that any clips on the hoses are okay. Leaks are often caused by a bad washer or the washer inside the fitting isnt seated properly

Always check the door seals and all the hose fittings for leaks, and then repair them. Door seals can lose the seal as deposits of washing powder can build up. Clean the sealing area on the machine fram as well

Also ensure that your washing machine is properly levelled on the laundry floor. The feet usually have rotating adjustments

Clothes imbalance can also be a problem and distributing clothes will prevent violent drum imbalance vibration when on spin cycle.


You should never try or even attempt to repair or troubleshoot your clothes washer until the electrical power is switched off at the receptacle and the power plug removed from the socket outlet. Always electrically isolate the clothes washer before checking any part of the wiring, or opening any of the protective covers on your machine.

If you have any doubts as to your own ability to follow any advice we may give then please call a qualified electrician or an approved appliance service technician.

The fact is most faults on machines are very similar to each other no matter what make or manufacturer they come from.


If the clothes washer will not start, I know its basic, but so many people simply forget to plug in the unit, or simply dont operate the machine correctly, or the power outlet is switched off. In some cases the breaker may have tripped at your switch panel for some reason and it may not be the washer at fault, so check it out.

So many breakdown callouts are for really simply operator errors. So always read your washer manual first and make sure you are operating the machine correctly.

Always check that water faucets are turned on, its an easy mistake, they are generally always left on and sometimes someone turns it off.

Before you start troubleshooting, check the basics, is the water available? and is the power on? Find kenmore washers help here.

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