Find dryer repair help here and save money on call out fees

Dryer Repair Help

Dryer Repair Help is here! Do You want to KNOW HOW to save some money and perform your own clothes dryer repair?

Clothes dryer repairs starts with understanding the basics. There isnt a lot to look after.

A clothes dryer is a drum, just like a washer, that rotates with the clothes inside, and air is heated by an element and a blower circulates the hot air around the clothes to dry them. The temperature is regulated by a thermostat, and a timer also sets the dryer running time.

Most clothes dryers are standalone units with some clothes dryers integrated in a single unit with front loading washing machines.

Doing some basic maintenance will save on dryer repair help costs. The simple jobs save a lot of money

Dryer-Repair Help

Safety is important so always check and clean the lint filters. More fires are caused by this in the laundry than anything else. If you wondered what that burning smell is, then its the liont filter.

If the dryer will not start then check that the front door switch is activating, its a very common problem. If the unit will not start if that is okay, and the power is on, then a perhaps the timer switch is faulty

Always listen for loud and unusual noises when the dryer is running. Some noises sound absolutely dreadful. Sometimes the screeching and metal on metal sounds are due to debris left in pockets such as screws, or coins left in pockets rolling around in the drum, and sometimes even metal buttons make a worrying scratching noise on the drum.

More serious signs of impending dryer failure come from the drum bearings, the fans or blowers, the drum rollers and the idler pulleys. This is when you need dryer repair help from someone professional.

Dryer-Repair Help

That burning smell is either lint or drive belts failing, so check these out. Keep lint filters clean as you do not want a fire.

Never attempt to repair or troubleshoot your clothes dryer unless the electrical power is switched off and the plug removed. This website or myself cannot accept any responsibility for injury or death following any attempt to follow the advice given within this website.

If you are in any way unsure of your ability to follow the advice then call a qualified electrician or approved dryer service person. Unplug or electrically isolate the appliance before checking any part of the wiring, or opening the protective covers. Dryer Repair Help is here!

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