DIY appliance repair and appliance troubleshooting with answers

DIY Appliance Repair

If your machine is faulty then probably you will carry out some DIY appliance repair tasks. If its simply faulty well then do something about it. Home appliance repairs and kitchen appliance repairs are possible for most people with some basic skills. You all know how much a serviceman costs to call out and then it is something very basic that is wrong and you still end up paying for that very expensive engineer call out fee. It really stings the wallet! Whether it is a refrigerator or some obscure kitchen aid part, or a washing machine to dishwasher, your appliance troubleshooting starts here.

I have been an electrical engineer, contractor and service man for more than 30 years now. I am still called out to help clients with problems that they could have solved themselves within a few minutes. In most cases the problems are so basic. What appliance troubleshooting help do you need?

DIY Appliance Repair Help is Here!

You can save hundreds of dollars! yes! hundreds of dollars a year just by following some basic home appliance repair advice and performing some basic maintenance on your appliances.

I have arrived at many homes only to find that you could have fixed the problem yourself with only a small amount of basic knowledge. I know many appliances are getting complicated with computer controllers and microprocessors and other technological innovations however in the majority of cases the problems and the home appliance repairs required are much more basic than this.

Whether you are looking for the latest appliance recalls, or Dyson vacuum reviews, or info about Lowes appliances, or where to find Marcone appliance parts, or Fry’s electronics, Howard’s appliances and about Sear’s appliance parts and also about Bernies appliances then you can find it here. Want more info on single cup coffee makers and Sear’s appliance outlet info, or Rival appliances and the excellent Hobart kitchen equipment, or the very handy Oster toaster oven, then look no further.

Finding used appliance parts isn’t easy, or chasing a Bunn coffee maker repair, or where to find General Electric appliance parts for your GE washing machine or Samsung appliances and Grant’s appliances, or Tappan appliances, then you may have found the right place. Finding an appliance parts center is often harder but there are some great onlien providers.

Is your Kitchen Aid hand mixer faulty? or are you chasing information on appliance recalls then check this site out. Kitchen Aid parts can be hard to find as are Sunbeam appliances and Frigidaire appliances or the location of Appliance Smart and other discount appliance parts. Most often called for are Kenmore appliances information and all about Maytag appliance repair and Sear’s home appliance repair and appliance replacement parts.

This DIY Appliance Repair site will also help protect you against the more unscrupulous appliance repair service man and the false claims that a part has failed and starts padding out your repair bill. In fact some are so inexperienced they keep replacing parts until it works, at your expense. It’s good to know what is wrong so they can’t baffle you with science and jargon. It’s your money, make sure you don’t handover a dollar more than you have to.

DIY Appliance Repair – What is Wrong?

Before you scream Help! Try some self help! Maybe its not on a recall list after all.

In this website I will try and teach you what to do when the washing machine and clothes dryer makes funny noises or simply stops working!

  • What you should do when the stove hot plate stops working!
  • What to do when your dishwasher isn’t working quite right!
  • What it means when the refrigerator is icing up, and when the air conditioner is doing the same thing.
  • What is wrong when the ice maker stops making ice!

For those who want to understand a little more I will describe how the basic machines work, not too much theory but enough to troubleshoot your machine.

DIY Appliance Repair Safety Warning and Disclaimer

Never attempt to appliance troubleshooting on your home appliances unless the electrical power is switched off and the plug removed. This site or myself cannot accept any responsibility for injury or death following any attempt to follow the advice given within this website. If you are in any way unsure of your ability to follow the advice then call a qualified electrician or service person.